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Getting the Best Sniper Paintball Gun

Getting the Best Sniper Paintball Gun

A proper sniper requires specific equipment, basically a sniper paintball rifle. Unfortunately, the mid-base model paintball gun lacks the range and accuracy of an effective paintball sniper weapon. Paintball sniping from long ranges and hidden vantage points can thin out the opposing team with very little ammo.

Take your time shopping for the best paintball sniper rifle; there are many to choose from.

It leaves the beginner with a lot of questions about what is the best tactical sniper marker. However, some upgrades and accessories can be added to a basic tactical style paintball gun that will help it be more accurate and shoot further. Adding a longer barrel, sniper scope, scope, laser, bipod, or even higher velocity to your paintball gun will increase the range and accuracy of any marker.

However, as long as sniper rifles have specific attachments, they will outperform weapons without them, but not necessarily each other. Some skeptics believe barrels longer than 8 to 12 inches create too much drag on the paintball, slowing it down. While purists are convinced that longer is better, the reality is that paintball barrels longer than 18 inches can increase the range and accuracy of your shot, albeit only marginally.

If you want an effective sniper paintball gun, choose a gun with a rifled barrel. The rifling on the barrel of a paintball in Melbourne gun is very similar to the rifling on the barrels of an actual firearm. These are barrels with small grooves that reduce drag, and guide and slide the ball for a straighter, longer shot. A sniper paintball rifle (or any paintball gun) with a rifled barrel is much more accurate than without.

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Watch out for the sniper paintball gun with very long range hunting scopes! While these accessories can give your sniper rifle a fierce look, their range is usually much longer than a shotgun can fire. Oversized sniper scopes can also be more expensive, unnecessarily increasing.

Sniper paintball guns that come with accessories to help you stabilize your shot for greater accuracy are also a good option.

The bipod is easy to use, folds flat when not in use, and is ideal for holding a paintball sniper rifle while aiming at an enemy or examining them through the scope. Most tactical paintball markers have a stock of some sort; however, the adjustable types are best for adjusting your size to fit your shoulder or cheek perfectly.


Don’t choose the most expensive tactical sniper rifle, thinking it is the best because it costs more. The high price may be due to more costly accessories that may make the weapon cooler, but it does little to improve its accuracy or range. To choose the best paintball sniper rifle, choose a gun with a rifled barrel, a short/medium range or red dot sight, a bipod, and an adjustable buttstock.